Public Wholesale Cars are sold "As Is" and do not have any implied warranty at all. You are purchasing these vehicles just like another used car dealer would purchase it. This means Steve's Hometown Chevrolet in no way warranties any type of mechanical failure after the sale transaction is complete. These vehicles have not had any type of mechanical inspection done by Steve's Hometown Chevrolet. For customers wanting some type of warranty available on a used car, Steve offers a complete selection of late model inventory.

What are Wholesale Cars to the Public?
Our Wholesale Cars to the Public lot consists of local vehicles that have been traded in to Steve's Hometown Chevrolet and do not meet our criteria for going on our regular Pre-Owned lot.

What criteria do they not meet for our regular pre-owned lot?
There can be a few reasons: (1) They tend to have higher mileage than our typical used car. (2) Sometimes they will have some dents and dings on them or even minor damage. (3) They are a little bit older than most of our normal inventory.

Why does Steve's Hometown Chevrolet offer these type of cars to the public?
We realize sometimes people are looking for basic transportation and want to purchase a less expensive used vehicle - even if it means it may (or may not) need a little work down the road.